Electrical engineering

Comprehensive electrical

In electrical engineering, we offer comprehensive electrical solutions: automation, power engineering for data and telecom, security and energy optimisation. We develop the concept, design the solution, install and fit, and also carry out service and maintenance. With our own workshops we also offer service and maintenance of electric motors, generators and transformers.

We aim to offer you the best engineering solutions, always with an eye on the environment and sustainability. With the right expertise and the right resources, we take your project from initial idea to complete solution. Our offering in electrical engineering enables buildings, plants and processes to run on smart technical solutions.

Technical Design

A well-considered technical design is the basis of a sustainable work process and end result. Our cutting-edge expertise in technical design gives you peace of mind in your project. We have long experience of working with technical design in electricity and electrical engineering for different types of buildings, plants and industrial processes. 


No two jobs are the same. Whatever your needs, we can provide tailor-made electrical installations that focus on sustainability and economy. Choose the approach that best suits your project – our working solution will always be based on your wishes and requirements. Our experience guarantees a sustainable result for your electrical system. 


With regular service and maintenance, you avoid time-consuming stoppages and costly repairs to your building, plant or process. Our customised service agreements increase your peace of mind. If a critical problem should occur, of course it’s important that it’s dealt with as quickly as possible. To help you, our engineers are on standby round the clock, seven days a week.

Energy Optimisation

Smart energy solutions for your building, plant or process not only save money, they are also environmentally sustainable. For us, energy optimisation is an important part of our assignment. We help you with everything from a change of light fittings, to replacing or repairing inefficient electric motors. Using an energy analysis, we draw up a plan of action tailored specifically to your needs. Once the plan has been implemented, we follow up to assure the end result


We plan and install complete automation solutions, and can also help with refurbishments and modifications. The focus is always on the environment, safety and your specific needs. We help you with everything from
pre-planning and commissioning to unique, bespoke systems in property automation and industrial automation.

Cutting-edge expertise in property automation

In property automation we offer total solutions, from needs analysis and project planning to the finished system. Our aim is always to present complete solutions for your particular needs. We also offer contracting based on finished documentation, and round-the-clock service. 

Services in property automation 

  • Production of cubicles and delivery of control equipment for new and existing systems
  • Suggestions for power saving
  • Web applications
  • Technical design, CAD drawing and documentation
  • Programming of DUC/SCADA systems
  • Commissioning, fine-tuning and fault tracing in processes
  • Communication via standardised protocols with other equipment such as energy meters, control systems, transmitters etc.
  • Web-based monitoring/remote monitoring
  • Development and management of CitectSCADA, NRG! Rapport och Trend   

Cutting-edge expertise in industrial automation

We have extensive experience of automating and electrifying industrial systems. We install standardised system solutions for process and mechanical controls in large series, for both industrial and municipal plants. 

Services in industrial automation 

  • Production of cubicles
  • Technical design and programming
  • Assembly, installation and fitting checks
  • Testing and investigation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Capacity enhancement
  • Complete automated control and mechanical systems 

Electrical workshop and field service

We deal with all makes of electric motors, generators, transformers, traction motors, Ex motors and gears. We can work on site, or in our own workshops. We can also help with asbestos removal. Our modern, well-equipped electrical workshops are in Örebro and Gävle, and we are also in Gothenburg for field service. Moreover, we stock and deliver industrialised motors, spare parts and gears.   

Electrical workshop services

  • Service, winding and motor analysis testing
  • Coil production and laser alignment
  • Checking, testing and fault tracing
  • Renovations and repairs
  • Vibration measurement and balancing
  • Upgrading and voltage changes
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Handling of Ex motors
  • Asbestos removal
  • Sales of electric motors


Mätnät is our own proprietary system that gives you full control of your motor’s status. The system also stores data that we use in analyses to give you the best service. 
Login to Mätnet here.

Power engineering

We help you to design and assemble your power plant. Our long experience and expertise give you peace of mind. We deliver the best conceivable solution with economy, safety and sustainability in mind. We can also help you manage operation and maintenance of your plant. 

Power quality  

The right power quality is vital in maintaining precision and tempo in your production process. That’s why it’s a natural focus area for us. We conduct measurements using reliable instruments and measurement methods, such as thermography, to assure the quality of your electricity. 

Data and telecom

Smoothly functioning communication channels in data and telecom are critical in today’s society. That’s why we’re at the leading edge of the latest technology in the area. We carry out projects for offices, industry and infrastructure, including urban, local and rural networks. We also design and build media centres that are the hub of the plant. We are always guided by your wishes and requirements. We can help out with modern fibre technology or conventional copper cable. We can also help with integration solutions with your security technology and automation. 


We are certified in the field of security. We install smart, secure solutions for access control systems, fire safety, burglar alarms and CCTV surveillance. We offer separate security installations and solutions for integrated security, whereby we link the security solution or system with other property systems.