Heating & Sanitation

Heating & Sanitation

We are leaders in heating and sanitation. Our long experience and expertise give you peace of mind when you choose to work with us. We carry out all kinds of services in the field of heating and sanitation. We can make complex installations in connection with new builds or refurbishments. We can install district heating, heat pumps, industrial pipework, sprinklers, cooling or energy-saving measures. Our personnel are naturally certified to Swedish industry regulations for safe water installation.

Technical Design

We help you with technical design in heating and sanitation, whatever the size of your project. We are experienced in working with everything from complex processes to smaller constructions. We have long experience of industry demands for quality and continuous improvement. Consequently, over the years we have built up extensive expertise in technical design, which benefits our customers.


We can help you with tailored solutions for pipe installation. Your needs guide us, and we deliver with economy and sustainability in mind. We can serve you with all types of installation. Our extensive know-how saves both time and money, while considering the environment and guaranteeing a sustainable result. Together we choose the project form best suited to your project, contract or collaboration. Our work is always based on your wishes and requirements.


With regular service and maintenance, you avoid time-consuming stoppages and costly repairs to your building, plant or process. Our customised service agreements increase your peace of mind. We can help you with ongoing maintenance and emergency measures. In some locations we have on-call service roundthe clock, while in others we work during normal weekday working hours. Our personnel are certified to Swedish industry regulations for safe water installation. You can trust us to have all the special expertise we need in all our areas of operation.

For instance we have welding licences for all steel types, as well as certificates for EWF standards. We are also specially qualified for service and maintenance of sprinkler systems. For us, your peace of mind is always key.

Energy Optimisation

We can help you with energy optimisation and energy-saving installations in heating and sanitation. We have collective expertise in specialised areas so that we can offer energy efficiency, energy inventories, energy declarations and packages of measures with a performance guarantee. Always with economy and sustainability in mind.

The whole chain

Thanks to strong business partners, we can offer the whole chain from energy declarations and pricequoted action proposals, to total contracts for our corporate customers and housing co-operatives.

Partnering contracts

Our basic offering for energy contracts is a partnering contract, which includes a five-year performance guarantee. In addition, under certain circumstances, we can provide a guarantee for the energy saving.

District heating

In district heating, we carry out total contracts as well as small parts of broader district heating projects. In a total contract we take overall responsibility for the production plant, installation of the substation, connections, control and regulation, as well as distribution of the district heating. If a customer only needs help with individual parts of a district heating project, we provide help where help is needed.

Needless to say we have Swedish welding licences and approved procedure testing in accordance with the directive on pressure-bearing systems, Swedish regulations AFS 1999:4, for all standard types of steel, as well as certificates for welding managers in accordance with EWF.

Some of the services we offer in district heating:

  • Project planning
  • Fitting of district heating pipes and pipelines, both above and below ground
  • Installation of district heating substations
  • Substations
  • Pipe fitting
  • Electrical installations
  • Ventilation installation
  • Insulation

If a plant is to be converted from direct electricity to district heating, we can take on the entire project.


We have long experience of delivering process pipework, from idea to construction and installation for the paper and pulp industry, refineries, petrochemical and other chemical industries, as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries. We can advise you and take your project from concept to construction and installation. If you then wish to take out a service agreement with us, we can also help out with ongoing maintenance to ensure a high level of operational reliability in your plant.

Needless to say we have Swedish welding licences and approved procedure testing in accordance with the directive on pressure-bearing systems, Swedish regulations AFS 1999:4, for all standard types of steel, as well as certificates for welding managers in accordance with EWF.

In industrial pipework, our delivery includes:

  • Pipelines with steel and cubicle fittings in nuclear power plants, combined heating and power plants and in boiler rooms
  • Pipelines for district heating, district cooling and district heating substations
  • Installations for energy and heat recovery
  • Installations in oil and gas depots
  • Pipework for high-pressure steam, feedwater and condensate
  • Installations for natural gas, LPG and biogas in accordance with EGN 01
  • Natural gas installations with a working pressure above 4 bar
  • Pipeline systems in e.g. steel works and enrichment plants
  • Pipeline systems for large cooling plants
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic installations


We have long experience of sprinklers and sprinkler systems. We make sure your sprinkler system is appropriate to your needs and meets the latest regulations and insurance company requirements. We have been a leading player in sprinklers in Sweden for many years, and our personnel continually train to stay up to date with the latest norms, regulations, materials and techniques.

A sprinkler system should be properly planned, meet government and insurance company requirements, and be suited to your needs and premises. Only then can it be sure to protect property, save money, and above all save lives. We help you make sure you get a sprinkler system that meets all these criteria. We can help you with all types of buildings and projects, from hospitals, garages and tunnels to shopping malls, homes and industrial premises.

Regular service means high operational reliability We naturally offer you servicing of your sprinkler system, or you may prefer to take out a service agreement. If so we regularly overhaul your sprinkler system, enabling you to rest assured. A service agreement guarantees the highest operational reliability, no matter who originally installed the system. We make sure that your system continues to function properly and is sure to be triggered if the worst should happen.

Our service encompasses:

  • fixed prices
  • a personal service engineer
  • project planning
  • advice
  • care and maintenance
  • a service agreement
  • documentation
  • working contracts


We know everything that’s worth knowing about cooling and air-conditioning systems. From a pleasant indoor climate in your building, to cold storage rooms. We work for example with comfort cooling, industrial cooling, fridge and freezer plants, fridge and freezer applications in the food industry, lowtemperature applications, climate chambers and server rooms. We supply everything from complete climate control solutions with the best possible energy efficiency, to more basic systems. Our corporate customers can also take out a service agreement for regular maintenance, ensuring a long life and operational reliability.

If we are not local to you, we offer our services in close collaboration with local partners, without compromising on responsibility or the level of service. Our cooling engineering companies are certified to category 1 cooling work, guaranteeing the highest quality of service in line with prevailing government requirements.