Whatever your needs, we can offer you leading solutions in ventilation and air treatment. We take care of the entire project for your ventilation system.

Over the years we have gradually built up new insight and increased expertise in other areas, such as energy optimisation, ICT and a range of service functions.

Consequently we can offer everything from fully integrated solutions for ventilation and cooling, to co- ordination of integrated projects encompassing ventilation, power, heating and sanitation, cooling, and control and security systems.

Technical design

We are experts in the design of systems for air treatment in buildings. We take on everything from minor to major technical design projects for ventilation, with the aim of achieving good air quality. We are experienced in working with everything from complex systems to smaller comprehensive constructions in ventilation and air treatment. We have long experience of industry demands for quality and continuous improvement. Consequently, over the years we have built up extensive expertise in ventilation design, and this benefits our customers.   


Each building and ventilation job is unique, so each solution must also be unique. We help you with small projects, as well as comprehensive contracts in ventilation. We offer everything from bespoke total concepts in ventilation and comfort cooling, to co-ordination of integrated contracts comprising ventilation, electrical engineering, heating, cooling and sanitation, as well as control and monitoring.

We are constantly looking for ways to optimise energy use and find the most energy-efficient solutions for you. This means we can offer advanced communication solutions for property management. We know that rapid improvements in operating economy are possible if heating, cooling and ventilation are controlled and monitored.

CAMvent keeps projects in order

All projects, whether in ventilation, cooling or energy optimisation, are co-ordinated in our own project management system CAMvent, which is a recurring feature in everything we do. CAMvent is linked to CAD software, the accounting system, purchasing and production to allow us maximum control and cost efficiency


A building’s ventilation system requires service and maintenance to continue working day in and day out and carry on delivering good air quality. 

Thanks to our organisational structure, we are nearby when you need us for your ventilation system. We are involved every step of the way in a ventilation project. We are easy to contact and easy to deal with. 

Our commitment always extends beyond the end of a completed project. As a Assemblin customer, we offer you a complete range of services. Depending on your needs, we can either agree on each aspect separately, or put them all together into a suitable package. We offer preventive maintenance, service agreements with proposed actions in line with the service report, optimisation, and Obligatory Ventilation Control (OVK). We also offer co-ordinated inventory, documentation and suggestions for optimising existing systems. 

Energy optimisation

The energy efficiency in a building’s ventilation affects both the environment and the operating economy. We optimise your ventilation solution for the best economy and air quality. By mapping the way energy is distributed in a building or industrial plant, we can identify actions that reduce the energy requirement and improve the environment. We have a unique combination of specialists,
generalists and operatives who inventory and analyse your requirements, and draw up a suitable programme of measures. We always take care to unite our know-how with your experience of your systems.

At Assemblin we always think ahead, ensuring that the solution not only meets current demands but can also be adapted to future needs, both in terms of economy and the environment. 

We work in the following areas: 

Energy supply:

  • Future energy supply
  • Energy types
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Emission rights  

Energy use: 

  • Energy investigations/rationalisation
  • Project planning
  • Energy declarations for buildings
  • Total solutions
  • Service, operation and maintenance 

Indoor climate:

  • Working environment
  • Climate
  • Protection/safety
  • Hoods 


We make sure that the building’s ventilation system has the appropriate lengths, dimensions, connections, bends and transitions, with the right finish, so that they can be combined into a functioning whole. We are meticulous in our preliminary work, finding out which needs and requirements have to be met before we put together a tailor-made solution. This may sound simple, but it requires a professional touch and solid craftsmanship – qualities that Assemblin has in abundance. 

We are specialists in manufacturing rectangular ventilation ducts. Our machinery has the latest technology, which gives us high capacity and efficiency in production. If you need reliable deliveries and high quality, you can rest assured with Assemblin.