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Big ambitions.
Excellent deliveries.

Imtech has a new name.

Assemblin is a complete installation and service partner with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. With the strength of a multidisciplinary group and the personal presence of a local company, we design, install and maintain technical systems for heating and sanitation, electricity and ventilation in offices, arenas, shopping centres, houses and industrial premises. Our turnover is more than SEK 7 billion and with more than 5,000 employees in over 100 locations in the Nordic region, we are where you are. For you.


Work environment

Assemblin will ensure a safe work environment and tackle issues on an ongoing basis to develop the work environment from both a physical and psychosocial perspective. All operations must comply with Assemblin’s work environment and environmental policy.


Assemblin will give environmental considerations a major place in all its operations. We will develop our expertise to monitor the environmental and climate impact in all our operations and on behalf of our customers. This includes the expertise to find solutions that are effective in terms of the environment and the climate from a life-cycle perspective.


Society is developing towards increased cultural, social and religious diversity. Assemblin’s aim is to continually improve, and this is reflected not least in our recruitment.


Assemblin’s operations are driven by technical and installation companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The operations in Assemblin are decentralised and held together though a joint management, shared support functions and shared approaches.

Assemblin must interact with the customer’s organisation with sufficient knowledge and experience. Reporting and documentation in accordance with contracts must be conducted with a high level of quality. The group’s organisation starts at departmental level. The organisation is reviewed and revised when necessary, though on at least one occasion per year.

 Our strategy is based on specialisation and operations in each country are therefore also organised in different technical areas. Throughout Sweden, we are locally organised into branches that you can find on our contact page.

Assemblin AB

Management team

Lennart Petersson

Acting CEO
Assemblin Sweden AB
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Philip Carlsson

Assemblin Sweden AB 
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Håkan Ekvall

Assemblin Ventilation AB
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Andreas Aristiadis

Assemblin VS AB
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Fredrik Allthin

Assemblin El AB
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Torkil Skancke Hansen

Assemblin AS
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Åsvor Brynnel

Head of Group Communication
Assemblin Sweden AB
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Mats Lundquist

Business concept

What we work with

We design, install and maintain technical systems for electricity, heating, sanitation
and ventilation in offices, homes and industrial premises with our multidisciplinary strength
as well as our local and personal presence.

Where we work

Assemblin operates in all the locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland that make it possible to execute our business concept successfully and profitably.

We will

  • meet our customers’ requirements
  • be the industry’s most profitable company
  • be cost-effective
  • take clear responsibility internally and in relation to customers
  • avoid risks – we do not take on assignments where

    a) we do not have sufficient experienced staff and
    b) where we do not receive payment for risks or where the risk is not calculable

How we work

Our core values constitute the basis for our culture and identity. They support our vision:

  • To work in a businesslike manner – clear responsibility for economy
  • Simplicity – uniform and uncomplicated action
  • Competence – knowledge, desire and ability
  • Reliability and good conduct

This means that we enter into beneficial transactions with competent staff in a competitive
organisation that we are proud of and where we enjoy working.

Our vision

We will be the leading Nordic installation and service company, and our customers’
first choice through supplying the most effective solutions, designed by the industry’s
best employees

We will achieve our vision through

  • The industry’s highest profitability
  • Top quality
  • Service-mindedness and reliability
  • Technical leadership
  • Efficiency and professionalism in implementation
  • Increased proportion of overall undertakings and a higher proportion of service operations

Our core values

Assemblin’s culture is based on the following core values:

  • To work in a businesslike manner – clear responsibility for economy
  • Simplicity – uniform and uncomplicated action
  • Competence – knowledge, desire and ability
  • Reliability and good conduct

The core values are based on the principles:

  • One group – one culture
  • Equal needs – equal solution

Investor relations

The Triton funds invest in and support the positive development of medium-sized businesses headquartered in Northern Europe – with a focus on companies in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Within this European region, Triton focuses on businesses in the Industrial, Business Services, and Consumer/Health sectors.

Founded in 1997, Triton seeks to contribute to the building of better businesses for the longer term. Triton and its executives wish to be agents of positive change towards sustainable operational improvements and growth. The 27 companies currently in Triton’s portfolio have combined sales of approximately €11.7 billion and over 53,500 employees.

The Triton funds are advised by dedicated teams of investment professionals based in Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Jersey.

For further information: www.triton-partners.com